Read on for the first look into a world of possibilities that wasn’t imaginable just a few years ago.

The Future and Bitcoin

The advent of Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and hundreds of others, means that the way we use money has changed forever. In this book, you can learn about cryptocurrency revolution and how you can invest, trade and mine for Bitcoin and others, with in-depth chapters on:what Bitcoin is; the benefits brought by Cryptocurrencies; the future of Cryptos; alternatives to Bitcoin; trading and investing; storing; a complete step-by-step instruction on mining.

The Future and IoT

With this book, you can step-by-step learn more about how IoT and smat gadgets is going to change our lives, with chapters including: understand IoT fundamentals; the business surrounding it; the key features of IoT devices and how they operate; getting started with Arduino Uno; arduino setup, environment, program structure, components; introduction on hardware, software and firmware; processing data from sensors; security issues; introduction on programming C language and more.


Helpful guide
Made it easy to understand for this curious "beginner". Even the technical section about mining is well 
written and easy to understand. I think I can set up my mining system now and earn money.
									Sandra Cox, TOP 500 REVIEWER 

I prescribe this guidebook
This book is full of informative data on the growing business of Bitcoin. I enjoyed the investment 
strategies part.
									Kip Krenz, TOP 100 REVIEWER

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